Looking at everything about Health and Fitness for the past 20 years for myself I have become a bit of a Wellness Nut and also reviewing a lot of programs on different subjects you get a pretty good idea which will work and what wont. My goal here is to provide you with the best information so you can get a product that works and will give you the best results for your money!


Yes this program claims that you can achieve an increased vertical lift of 10 inches, by putting in the work specified in the Jump Manual and achieving that in roughly 12 weeks. A good idea with all programs on the market as well as The Jump Manual is to have a good look at them all, before you buy this program.  Making sure it is going to provide the essential requirements for you, will it meet your standards and will you be able achieve as much as you want for yourself.


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Questions to satisfy you that the program will work:

What is  The Jump Manual?

It is a program that can be downloaded on your computer, for you to research to see if you are going to get the required results you want.

Will this program be able to give you the strength to be able to Jump higher?

The strength comes from following the different techniques outlined in the program, nutritional plans and simple exercises that anybody can carry out to achieve the fitness and to build the required strength needed to accomplish this.

Who is Jack Hiller?

Jack has been developing this program The Jump Manual – vertical jumping over the last 10 years and has trained and coached a considerable amount of athletes to understand the concept and practice the system and achieve great results. Having specialized in the field of a full time vertical jump and quickness trainer he considers it a real passion to be able to help young people to reach their potential.


What does The Jump Manual program include?

This program provides videos which will give the information you need to see how everything can be carried out and achieved. In the chapters of the manual on different types of jumps; explaining how to increase vertical jump higher and gain extra inches with the information. Workout charts to watch your progress, also nutritional plans to benefit the body that is continuing to build health, strength and fitness.

Cost of this program is a mere $67 with 4 added bonuses, one on one email coaching, and how to set up individualized work out charts to help you as you go.  If for some reason it is not for you, you can get your money refunded in 60 days.  Being so confident about his program, if you work on it for 12 weeks and don’t get the gains from the program you expect, Jack has made a real bold statement that he will double your refund money back. CLICK HERE


The Jump Manual is simply the most intense, most comprehensive, and most effective jump training regimen available.



    how to increase vertical and jump higherDay by day workout chart shows you exactly how to do each workout, and exercises are accompanied by videos. 

    how to increase vertical and jump higherLearn why Strength X Quickness = Explosion and the most effective and proven methods to increase both.

    how to increase vertical and jump higherLearn to use the “stretch shortening cycle (SSC)”, plyometrics, and “complex training” to boost your performance.

    how to increase vertical and jump higherLearn the 9 facets of an incredible vertical and how to systematically improve in each one to create an explosive synergy.

    how to increase vertical and jump higherLearn why the recovery phase of training is so important, why most athletes neglect it, and how you can capitalize.

    how to increase vertical and jump higherLearn how flexibility, balance, and form greatly affect your explosion potential and how to capitalize.

    how to increase vertical and jump higherGain access to the Jumpers Forum where you can collaborate with other like minded athletes who have already achieved what you want.

    how to increase vertical and jump higherGet UNLIMITED one-on-one training to guarantee that ALL your questions are answered.

    how to increase vertical and jump higherLearn why most athletes are training harder and still getting less results.

    how to increase vertical and jump higher

Learn how to recruit and train all muscles involved to achieve the highest vertical jump.

    how to increase vertical and jump higherAn entire section about jumping form shows you how to gain inches by tweaking your jumping form to use explosion you already have.

Who is  The Jump Manual for?

This program is especially designed for individuals that are involved in some kind of sport or health and fitness, where it may be necessary to see how to increase your vertical jump and leap forwards, sideways e.g.  netball players, basketball players, volley ball players, soccer players, rugby players, professional or amateur could all benefit greatly from the Jump Manual so CLICK HERE TO BUY



“I Recommend the jump manual to any athlete who dreams of just rising above the rim and just slammin it. Especially basketball, for basketball players like me, I’ve been doing the Jump Manual for a month and I’m on week 4 and I have already increased my JUMP By 8″. When I first started I could only throw it down with one hand and now I can do a two-handed reverse and throw it down with a lot of force so the sky’s the limit. It’s a serious manual. I recommend this to any athlete who’s serious about increasing their vertical. I’m also grabbing more rebounds and blocking more shots because of my vertical and i’m only 6′ 2. Thanks Jacob”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alvis S., Florida

“Hey, I’ve been listening to all your strategies on how to jump higher       via explosion exercises and plyometrics exercises. I’ve been able to explode off the ground, and everyone has been commenting on how high I can jump thanks to YOUR GENIUS TEACHINGS”!!! Anyway…THANK YOU!!!

Michael C.